KG Law San Diego
KG Law San Diego

The internet is a great source of information,

but it can't replace a skilled attorney.

San Diego Superior Court

This is where state criminal cases, both misdemeanor, and felony, are filed. Superior Court judges also hear Temporary Restraining Order hearings. Let someone who knows the inside of a courtroom represent you.

Southern District of California

This is where federal criminal cases are filed. Because we are a border district, most cases involve the smuggling of drugs, narcotics, or people from Mexico. Contact the KG LAW SD, APC for assistance fighting the federal government.

Jails and Detention Facilities

The San Diego Sheriff detains most people charged in state court, and the United States Marshals detain most people charged in federal court. The KG LAW SD, APC will fight for your liberty and argue for your or your family member’s release.


Both County and Federal Probation Officers can ask judges for arrest warrants. The KG LAW SD, APC has experience in getting probation violations dismissed and getting clients reinstated on probation.

Department of Motor Vehicles

The DMV has the power to suspend your driver’s license. Do not wait to contest your DUI suspension. The KG LAW SD, APC has reinstated clients’ driving privileges.